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Monday, July 9, 2012

Cindi's Story...

Cindi Davis has been battling breast cancer since June of 2008. At that time, she was working at an "Alternative Ed" high school, but had to go on disability when diagnosed. Cindi has suffered through a double mastectomy, reconstruction surgeries and chemo that has left her body week and has affected her nerves and muscles. She has come to rely heavily on her husband, Kirk Davis. She met Kirk at Vision Quest in Pennsylvania, which was a camp for at-risk youth. Several years later they married and on Valentine's Day, 2013 will celebrate 20 years of marriage!

In October of 2010 her cancer returned. It had been a hard summer for Cindi and Kirk as they lost their beloved dog, Spook and one of their "fur babies" Bashful. This was very difficult for them as their animals are like children to them! After another round of chemo, Cindi's cancer was in remission once again.

Through it all Cindi's cancer has not slowed down her need to be involved in her community. She and Kirk are involved with Gretta's Wish, Relay for Life and other organizations that help the less fortunate. Cindi is a quilt maker and for the last three years has made a quilt for the raffle at Relay for Life and has raised over $1,000.

Cindi also makes quilts for a friend who takes them to an organization named K.A.R.E. They distribute them to children in western North Carolina who have been involved in traumatic situations. Every week you'll see her at the distibution site of Gretta's Wish (, where she hands out dog food that she's collected from various donors.

Since Cindi has not been able to return to work, she and Kirk have been struggling financially. They have a mortgage with Wells Fargo Bank and are at risk of losing their home. They have met with the bank several times but have not been able to get them to assist them in saving their home. Right now, they are facing forclosure.

The local news station (WCNC in Charlotte) was contacted by a friend, to see if Cindi and Kirk's story could be told. In the middle of this story being put together by the news crew, Cindi and Kirk received devistating news...the cancer is back in her lymph nodes, liver and lungs. She has been told by the doctor that the cancer is stage 4...terminal. Needless to say, they are in shock.

This past week Cindi began a new round of chemo and is facing a long hard battle to overcome this once again. Cindi is a fighter and is not ready to give up on life. She has alot to do yet and wants to make the most of her time here on earth. She is determined that Cancer is not going to take her down!

Cindi says, "I hope to be able to keep my home and continue my quiet life, raise my chickens and grow my veggies. I don't need much to be happy, just a small home, loving husband and all my fur babies." Cindi dreams of taking her husband, Kirk (affectionatly known as Lurch), back to Charlston some day. They spent a weekend there once and had a lot of fun. Kirk still talks about it to this day.

A trust account has been set up at Bank of America and the funds donated to Cindi and Kirk will be used to help them keep above water and hopefully save their home. There is a button above to donate via PayPal. The funds are directly deposited into the Trust account. There is an option to print a receipt and PayPal will also send one to your email account.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any help you can provide and please, pray that Cindi fights this battle and wins once again!


  1. Come on folks, if everyone who reads this donates the money instead of buying that Big Mac or pizza this time, we would be in great shape! I want to thank those who have already donated and those who have requested the trust information. You can also email me for it at Yes,, THAT WriterofWords!

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