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Monday, July 30, 2012

Acts 20:35 In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'

I'm sitting here near tears, wondering what else I can do.  I just don't understand why people read a story like Cindi's and move on.  Where is their compassion?  They spend their money on needless things while their neighbors and friends are literally dying.  Don't they know they can save a life simply by giving?

I was raised in a single parent home with 4 children.  I watched my mother struggle to make ends meet and keep food on the table. There was nothing fancy at my house. Our furniture was given to us, our Christmas presents bought by someone else, and my clothes, for the most part, very simple and inexpensive.  My mother tried to teach us to appreciate the things I had.  There's always someone out there who is worse off than you.  I think we all, at one time or another, have heard, "You better eat those vegetables! Children in India are starving!"  Of course, my childish response usually went something like this, "Well, send it to them!" but I realize what my mother was trying to teach me.  Compassion.  Appreciation.

I also learned about God.  My mother took us to a good ole' southern baptist church, not just on Sunday morning, but Sunday evening as well, Wednesday's, Thursday's and any other day inbetween where there was something going on.  I was taught the value of human life, love thy neighbor as thy self, give to those less fortunate and the most important, God loves everyone. 

Lately I've been involved with a few issues on Facebook where my posts seem "angry" to some.  I call it passion.  My family looks at me strange when I go off on a tangent at the dinner table. Although they think my heart is in the right place, they think I'm a bit too animated.  I think I'm not shouting loud enough.  I want to SCREAM to the world out there, WON'T YOU HELP?!

I say, if I don't fight for what's right, then who will?  If more stepped up and fought for what's right, we would have to be heard!  Maybe Wells Fargo would give in and do the right thing!  But I don't see many people standing beside me. There are handful of wonderful women on Facebook, most of them friends of Cindi, who have stepped up to the plate and have been awesome in their determination to help raise money for the Davis's. To them I say, THANK YOU!  My son and  his girlfriend are helping to raise money also...thanks!

Bill McGinty at WCNC in Charlotte has been a blessing in disguise.  To him and his crew, a great big THANK YOU! 
 What if Cindi was your sister, your mother or your friend?  Would you give then?  Do you have $5 in your pocket to spare?  Do you have loose change lying around that you can give?  A quarter in the couch cushion?  

Yes, I'm up on my high horse, and I know I am not perfect.  I am just frustrated. I am angry.  I am tired.  I just want to help.  I want YOUR help.  I NEED your help!

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