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Friday, July 20, 2012

Wells Fargo stoops even lower...

The latest news about the foreclosure with Wells Fargo just got worse.  Now they are saying they won't even consider "working with the Davis's until they pay the full amount owed."  They are being nasty because we called them on their lies and run around they've been giving Cindi and Kirk!

We need to raise $25,000!  *Start praying here*

That better be one heck of a yard sale we're having !  You think during the bake sale I can get someone to buy a couple cakes for $10,000 a pop?  lol  Hey, with God, ALL things are possible!

Thinking cap is on...brain is fried....We REALLY need your help, not only for donations, but for getting the word out about Wells Fargo! 

If you feel led, please call the corporate or executive branch of Wells Fargo and complain!

Executive office 1-866-677-1128

1-800-869-3557 this is for the corporate headquarters.

After the story aired, someone from the executive office called and talked to Kirk for 45 min and told him that they "would be conducting a complete review" of the case.

That good news lasted about 3 days.  They are now saying that they WON'T work with them at all until all payments are up to date.

I am thinking I should gather people to go picket their offices/banks in Charlotte!

Pete is going to talk to his co-worker about her services to ceate our "Cutest Critter Contest".  Yay!  I am also working on having a banner made at Staples for the fundraisers in Charlotte.

More updates as they come in.

GOD BLESS YOU!  And thank you to Elizabeth Kruprzak for the $25 donation yesterday!

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