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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fundraising Update

The car wash was a success...considering we only technically had 3 customers off the street! lol  The gang at Carrabba's was WONDERFUL!!  They worked hard.  When we first got started, they all chipped in and washed each others cars. Nate's parents stopped in to get theirs done too.  By the time they were done, there was $250 in the bucket!

They got creative and took the signs up on the highway, just outside the shopping center and collected tons there!  One guy said to Chris, who was wearing the clown hat, "It's worth five bucks just for the hat! lol

Cindi Davis

Having everyone in pink t-shirts was a great idea as they stood out and you could tell they were all together.  In the end, $438 was collected!  We also had the quilt displayed and got 15 or so raffle tickets sold!

Thanks to Dan at Carrabba's for letting us use their parking lot! Thanks to Chris, Lauren, Amy, Justin, Lauren #2,  Josh, Nate, Cirus, Christina, Maddie, and many others I can't remember!

Now we are working on collecting donations for the yard sale on Saturday.  What was going to be a normal sized yard sale is slowly turning in to a huge event!

I ran into a lady at the dollar store who was commenting on a pink ribbon I was buying and turns out she sells funnel cakes. SO.....don'tcha know, I invited her to come and set up at the event and she will be there with bells on! 

I have also had the pleasure of talking on the phone to a gentleman who is a local auctioneer.  He offered the services of himself and his staff.  I explained that we didn't have "auction worthy" stuff, at least not enough to warrent an auction BUT that we may, in the not so distant future take him up on his offer!

He is donating tons of items for the sale.  I will hook up w/him Wednesday and go to the warehouse to see what volume we're talking about. I rented a Jeep Patriot and he said there's enough stuff to fill it many times over.

I'm waiting on Two Guys and a Truck to call me back. I have asked them to donate some time, manpower and the truck on Friday to get items from our garage here (it's 3/4 full and more is coming), do a pick up at the warehouse, and then take it all to the church.  Tess was very friendly on the phone and I'm hoping they can help. It would be a great blessing!

Thank you to Patrick Goreman who donated aprox. 50 boxes so I can sort the donations!  It was a wonderful gesture!

Wow, I'm out of breath just typing that!  Things are going well.  I wish I was able to do more...but lets just say a prayer that this helps.

We need to raise over $35,000.  So far we've raised about $2,150.00.  

We need a miracle!

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