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Friday, September 21, 2012

Photos from the Fundraiser Yard Sale on Aug., 25th in Mt. Holly, NC. We raised $1,614.00!

Click on the pictures to see them upclose!

I was busy talking and didn't realize I mis-spelled Cancer!  Good thing I was able to fix it!

It doesn't look like alot of merchandise, but trust me, there was TONS left over. This is early when we were still bringing stuff out and the moving van was being unloaded. We donated the leftovers to a local church who planned a fundraiser yard sale for the following weekend!

People were still coming by at 5pm.  Our yard sale technically "ended" at 2pm!

Cindi really hated to see her kayak's go, but they brought in $600!
These are the wonderful friends of Cindi and Kirk (Lurch) and members of the church who were helping us clean up!  "Uncle Daniel C" and Ricky.  The person in the middle is Lurchie!
It was HOT and the guys were working hard!  Thanks a bunch!

If the CBC Memorial Apostolic Church hadn't let us use their grounds, we'd be in a pickle!
Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!

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