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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Donations, weblinks and another follow-up!

One of Cindi's friends posted this on Wishadoo for she and Kirk:

CLICK HERE to visit that site

Thank You! Yesterday we had 165 pages views on this blog and $85 in donations! Thanks to those who gave out of the goodness of their hearts!

Tomorrow Cindi and Kirk are meeting with Bill McGinty of WCNC, News Channel 36 in Charlotte to discuss the latest happenings. If there's a follow-up on the news, I'll post it here.

As Far is I know, the intervew for the Dr. Drew show is still on for tomorrow afternoon!

Not sure what's happening with the White House calling the Davis's, but I read something on another site that said, "The Department of the Tresury" was going to investigate Wells Fargo in reference to bail out money NOT going to bail someone out! I'll have to check into that when I can talk to Cindi. Don't quote me on's just a rumor at this point!


  1. Hey Marsha,

    I did a Snopes search on the investigation. Yes, the Justice Dept did an investigation. Unfortunately it was regarding minority mortgage lending :(


  2. Megan, The investigation I was referring to was a personal call Cindi got from the White House in response to a letter she sent. They asked her for additional info. so they can investigage her claim against Wells Fargo. I keep forgetting to ask Cindi how that was going.