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Monday, September 24, 2012

WELLS FARGO LIES on Dr. Drew Interview!

Wells Fargo said this in a statement to Dr. Drew:

"We've been working with them since 2008 and since that time have offered MULTIPLE modifications and other workout options. The tentative foreclosure sale date has been suspended until after the start of the new year to allow us more time to work with Mr. and Mrs. Davis."

This is a lie!

They wouldn't know what "working with someone" meant if it jumped up and bit them!

The original court date was set for November 21st with a sale date on the courthouse steps of December 19th.

The new court date has been set for Jan 3rd.

This is ONLY to keep Wells Fargo from looking like a donkey's butt. They know the public is watching and that they are under a microscope now. They wouldn't dare put them out on the street, 6 days before Christmas, with the whole world watching!


You have NEVER 'worked with them'. You've always worked against them.  

The Davis's don't want a hand out....they want you to HONESTLY work the numbers and give them something they can afford to pay back!

You can see a clip of the interview with Dr. Drew by clicking the link below...

Dr. Drew interview with Cindi and Kirk - CLICK HERE

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