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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Important Legal stuff...things you should know.

We would like to make a few things clear when asking for donations for the Davis's trust account.

1) We are NOT a non-profit, 501(c)(3).  To be able to be a non-profit we have to be an "organization".  Since our donations go directly to a single individual (Cindi Davis), we cannot apply for tax exempt status.  This trust account has it's own EIN number registered with the IRS, and all donations are being recorded and reported.

2)  Your donations are NOT tax deductable.  I am sorry, I wish they were.  If you have any idea how we can fix this, please let me know!

3)  The funds being deposited into the trust are going directly to the Davis's medical bills and travel expenses to and from appointments, etc.  As you can imagine, when you are faced with $1,100 in perscriptions alone, the bills are overwhelming. Your donations help ease the burden on Cindi as she bravely battles Stage 4 breast cancer.

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