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Thursday, September 13, 2012

New story for Cindi aired tonight....

 The update for Cindi's story aired tonight on WCNC - News Channel 36.  If you look to the right, you will see links to all three stories.  The top one is the very first one aired back on July 9th.

Below the stories, you will find a link to the petition.  We're on the way to 1,700 signatures. The email goes directly to the CEO of Wells Fargo.

Kate Livingston is doing a fundraiser here:

Order from the Scentsy for Cindi Fundraiser party!

Cindi's friend has created a Facebook page strictly for this story.

In August, I flew to NC to hold two fundraisers. The car wash ended up being successful because the young adults who work at Carrabba's in Concord stood on the street corner, wearing pink tshirts, and one even had a clown wig on for attention.  They collected over $250.  The remainder of the $438 raised was from them washing each others cars, and the 3 people who stopped by.  Car washes are a hit here, I was so disapointed, but the kids came through. 

The new manager of the restaurant let us use his parking lot.  My son Chris works there with his girlfriend, Lauren.  Please stop by and have dinner and mention Cindi!  The two of them will collect donations there too!  Of course, they can't ask for them so make sure that you tell 'em it's for Cindi!

If you know anyone in the Charlotte area who wants to be involved in the picket, please let me know.  Staples online has great signs. I ordered some for the last event.  We need people at this picket. I want AT LEAST 50 there!  WCNC 's Bill McGinty says he will have a crew there!

TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!  Then email me at to let me know you can do it.  The date hasn't been set yet.  I'm hoping for mid-October!


  1. Ummm..What picket and where? We want to be there to show our support for Cindi & Kirk against Wells Fargo, but do need those little details so we can plan.

    Thanks for all you're doing. They've been friends of ours for at least 5 years now and nobody deserves this kind of treatment.

    Megan and Doug

  2. The picket is in the planning stages. We just decided to do it. It was planned for Aug. but scrapped. I am hoping for mid-Oct (13th or 20th Thursday, since I have a lot of the kids from Carrabba's who can't picktet fri. or sat.) I am trying to get people to sign on to doing it, since I can't be there.

    So far i have two people interested besides the carrabba's gang. I am asking for those who want to participate to email me and I am setting up a list.

    More information on it will be here on this blog.

    Thanks for the interest and PLEASE rally the community, if you can, to help out!