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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thank you to those who donated!

It's with great excitement that I announce that we have had an anonymous donor give $10,000.00 to the trust for Cindi and Kirk Davis!  The gift was a blessing from above.  Thank you from all of us, especially Cindi and Kirk!

Other donations have also come in this past week totaling $300!  This brings our total raised so far to aprox. $13,400.00!

No donation is too small. I've seen them as small as $1.00.  These donations are just as important as the larger ones!  We thank you too, from the bottom of our hearts!  You all are awesome!

Please, if you are reading this, the biggest thing we need other than donations is for you to spread the word!  Re-tweeet and send the message via email, facebook and PLEASE if you haven't signed the petition yet, do so now!  The link is to the right, just under the three stories from the news.


  1. I saw an article on ABC about the situation with Cindy and Kirk. Rather than let you collect donations and signatures to stop the foreclosure, I would like to share with you a bit about the mortgage business, and educate you on your rights and how to REALLY get out from under this mess, permanently. If Cindy and Kirk are interested, please reply to this with their contact information.

  2. As you can imagine, they have been through the ringer these last 4 years. They've contacted everyone and anyone they can to "help" get them out of foreclosure.

    What we are doing, we are doing from the heart. I don't mind speaking to them about your offer, but please don't minimize what we are doing and don't assume that they haven't been there and done that.

    Thanks for your comment.