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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update on news to air 9/13...

Bill McGinty visted Cindi and Kirk Monday. Their 3rd air date is this Thursday, 9/13 at 11pm on WCNC channel 36.

Wells Fargo is saying today that they didn't know there was a sale date set, only a hearing date.  Really?  How stupid do they think people are?

We need any and all donations you can provide!  Even if we cannot come up with the $25,000 to save the home, the money can still be used for the huge medical/perscription costs that they face, and if they are foreclosed on on Nov. 21st, they will need funds to relocate.

We appreciate ALL you have done for Cindi and Kirk so far!  Even if you can't donate, please go to the petition site and sign it.  The letters go directly to the email of the CEO from Wells Fargo!


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