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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thanks Thanks Thanks!

There has been another push on for the petition that we have for Cindi and Kirk Davis and over this weekend, we've received over 30,000 more signatures! 

We have had 3 requests for the name of the trust and 9 donations! 

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who is helping out with Cindi's story!  Thanks to for helping to get the word out.  Thanks to Kate Livingston who is in charge of the petition and thanks especially to the PUBLIC for all your hard work to let people know what's going on and for your donations!!

We NEED you. We APPRECIATE you!  And we THANK you from the bottom of our hearts!


  1. I am very sorry too hear about the advanced cancer and keeping of the home.....but is it responsible too be taking on special needs pets? How is the pets care taken care of money wise? Thoughts n prayers.....

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I thought I could maybe give you another way to look at the pet situation. Let me just say I agree that if taking care of animals takes way from what could be helping you then you might want to reconcider pets.
      My Graanny who was very sick had two cats. Casper and Wheezy were part of her family. She called them her babies. She took great care of them and they took great care of her.
      Animals Love with everything they have. They help chase away the hurt and loneliness that comes with being sick. They don't look on you with pity but understanding. As crazy as that sounds it's true. Patch my dog always knows if I'm hurting or sick. He somehow knows, understands and Loves on me even more. The same with Granny and her cats.
      No matter how many people you have around you or how many people try to understand. Sickness and pain can be very lonely. Patch is like my security blanket. He loves and soothes me.
      Knowing this might help people understand why Cindi hasn't, and i'd bet won't, just give them away. Now if she becomes so sick or money becomes so tight she can't care for them, that's when I bet she would find good homes for them. I hope is never comes to that.

    2. Sorry I don't know why it published it twice and I don't know how to get rid of it. I'm really sorry

  2. You are assuming that the pets were taken on after the cancer was present. One of the dogs is Cindi's service dog. Her previous service dog, Spook, passed away last year, and just so happened Spook saved her life twice.

    One does not give up members of their family just because cancer has come to call. The pets are taken care of, they are like her children. Should she lose them too? Should she give up her service dog and risk dying from an allergic reaction etc?

    I think not. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hello,

    I heard about your story from I am not a doctor, but I wanted to share some info on a treatment that Cindi might want to consider. It's called Black Salve, an herbal paste that pulls cancer to the surface and out of the body. I have no personal experience with it, but the documentary here: interviews several women with so-called terminal breast cancer that claim to have survived and are cancer free due to this Black Salve. A naturopath interviewed also claims a very high success rate with breast cancer with this salve. Also there is the program and advice from South African nurse Tine van der Maas who apparently has good success with cancer at . My neighbor also had cancer and is now cancer free due in large part he says to his including broccoli sprouts and kombucha into his diet.

    Hope it helps,

    Mike Swanson

  4. Err, one more, this overlaps a bit with Tine van der Maas' program. It's more than just weight loss--


  5. Marsha,

    I just learned about the Davis's through First thing, Cindi I am so sorry that you and your husband are having to fight not only breast cancer but Wells Fargo also.
    Second, I wish "I'm sorry" was more than just words. That those words could help you fight the breast cancer. I can.
    However use words to help you fight Wells Fargo and be happy to do it.
    I have a few questions could you please e-mail me at

    We'll be praying.

    Sarah Cody

  6. Cindi, have you tried contacting former senator John Edwards for help? He's a multi-millionaire and lost his wife Elizabeth to breast cancer. He's also an attorney, although he may not still be practicing. In any case, he might be willing to make a generous donation.

    I lost my mother to breast cancer in 2004 after a 9 1/2 year battle. I wish you and Kirk peace and strength.

    Paula Lovell

  7. I have Wells Fargo as my mortgage and participated in the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) to save our home from foreclosure. I'm currently in my third month trial period and so far it has been a blessing as it kept me and my family in our house and reduced our mortgage payments. I did not see any mention of HAMP here in the article or petition and wondered if this is something that should be looked into.

  8. Ihorizon, It's good to hear that the HAMP is working for you. Unfortunatly Wells Fargo told the Davis' they didn't qualify.