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Friday, October 12, 2012

Thank you for your donation....

Thank you to The Gallway Company in Davidson, NC for their generous donation of $500 to the trust for Cindi Davis! 

Also a big thank you to other contributors:  Adam, Brian, Carl, Susan, Richard and Mary!  Mark, Lynn, Able, Kathryn and from someone who anonymously signed "Ewes to You". lol 

You are just some of the many who gave from your heart and we apprecaite it SO much!

With you help, Cindi and Kirk can get their medical bills paid down and have less to worry about while the lawyer helps them fight to stay in their home.


Please remember to help us keep this story going!


I checked into another source for donating and while it's rates were less .25cents per transaction, it's comments by users wern't so great. I do not want to put our donators in jeopardy of having issues with a company that has less than stellar practices.

So, I guess we'll hang tight with PayPal for now.

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