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Saturday, December 1, 2012 update!

I am SO sorry for not keeping up with this blog.  Life took me in a direction that has kept me busy (with my own home daycare) and I have neglected this site!

Cindi has been approved for a trial chemo which I will post about tomorrow when I gather all the info.

Bill McGinty is going to do an update on the news sometime this month.

The lawyers are still hard at work trying to save the home and I think are winning!  I'll try to get an update soon.

The petition reached over 150,000 signatures!  You can sign it by clicking the link to the right.

Donations are still being accepted by clicking the link to paypal.  To the person who sent me a check, I did receive it but was unable to understand your email address to send you a confirmation of receipt.

Again I'm sorry to those of you who have checked back for updates and found none.  I will do much better at keeping you posted. 

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  1. Hello, first and foremost i would like to say i am so sorry for what you are going through...i myself know firsthand how much of a struggle this could be, my mother is battling breast cancer for the third time and medical bills, medicine and regular everyday life is expensive...i do apologize i dont have a donation i can send but i can offer you prayer...i will pray that GOD will work in the heart of those bankers to allow you to keep your home...its hard enough facing what tomorrow brings without all the extra stress!!! GOD will see you and your husband through this just have FAITH!!!!