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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quick Update...

I have learned more about the new chemo that Cindi's doctor wants her to try.  Her insurance company WON'T pay for it ($6,000) because the FDA just recently approved it and they "had never heard of it."   Info on the drug is here:

We are now looking at raising $25,000 - $35,000 to cover catching up on the mortgage, paying for chemo out of pocket and some in savings for the upcoming monthly mortgage payments.

Please Please Please pray hard!  God is in this and he can and WILL provide a miracle. 
We have raised to date, $1,724, via a trust set up at the Bank of America.  Once again, for those who do not know, due to restrictions from the bank, I am not allowed to provide the name here.  If you email me at I can give it to anyone who would like to donate.

I can tell you though, my son Chris, deposited money today and it's true what I was told..... if you don't spell it EXACTLY like it was created, they can't find it in the system.  Today Chris had a hard time because he left off the word, "The" at the beginning! Ugh. 

This is the hat I ordered.  If you'd like one, it's $13.99 at Staples. T-Shirts are 11.89. I have not created a T-shirt yet.  That'll be coming soon for those who want one for the fundraisers in NC or those who just want one to help get the word out!


We still don't have a place to do the car wash.   Mostly because I haven't had time to find one! lol  It'll happen, I promise!  I just received a donation of old towels from a sweet older lady in a trailer park in Sierra Vista.  She didn't seem to have much to give, but she gave what she had!  I'm still collecting towels.  I'll send them on via USPS to my son, before my flight.

I visted Walmart today.  They might be able to offer a donation for one of the raffles!  They also allow you to do fundraising...cross fingers, papers going to them tomorrow!

I have a letter you can take to local businesses to ask for donations for the raffle.  I know Tractor Supply and Walmart receives yearly funds to donate to causes.

Caraba's restaurant, where Chris and Lauren work, will be donating a gift card!

I am still waiting to hear from our local Subway and a few others places for donations of gift cards, etc. for a raffle I'll have at the S.V., AZ fundriaser.

I have ordered a case of tiny cups from Olive Garden to put treats in for the bake sale! 

Cindi is working on a quilt for raffle also and it's PURTY!

Pete is going to speak with an employee tomorrow about creating the "Cutest Critter Contest" online.  She does web design on the side. Lets pray she donates her time. 


I received a TRUCK LOAD of items for my yard sale fundraiser today!  Thanks Nadine, YOU ROCK!  We may have to scrap the yard sale fundraiser in Charlotte; I just don't have the ability to collect items there, while I'm in Arizona.

Did I say 'quick update'?  lolol

God bless you all  Keep it up!

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